How to Organise a Conference – Part 1

How to Organise a Conference – Part 1

Once you have set up your event management company and you bring in your first client, you would be ecstatic to run the event and see it through. The amount of time you spend on organising the event will cause you to lose sleep and tension levels will escalate as you deal with several vendors to get everything organised. As a newbie in the event management space, you would most likely start off with a birthday party and then move up the scale to start catering to bigger and more elaborate events. With enough of vendors on your list and the right amount of experience in handling situations, you might feel you are ready to take on conferences. Organising an event like a conference is hard work and involves a lot of planning. You would be working with important delegates and representing a company that does not wish to look bad to their stakeholders. You are going to need to up your game so that you provide your client with the right dose of flair and make the conference both professional, as well as fun for everyone who attends.

Get a Partner to Co-organise

While you might feel that you are great at events and you know the ins and outs of being able to pull off successful events, it would really help you if you have a partner who you can rely on to full off a conference. Unlike parties, conferences will require a lot of planning and execution on your part, and there is no place for errors. Companies pay a lot, so while your paycheck is significant, there is going to be a similar expectation with your execution. A partner and another you will be handy in such situations so that you don’t mess up with anything. There are several mobile-based project management software that is available that will help you and your partner stay on the same page when you are organising events and conferences. Every little aspect can be noted down to ensure that they are all addressed. You can also do with the moral support you will get from working with another person who is a reflection of you and everything will move a lot more smoothly.

Theme Selection

As an event planner and manager, most of the times, you will require a theme, or you will be asked for theme suggestions when doing parties. The same goes for conferences. The thing about working on a theme or with that in mind is that it keeps everything tied together and the flow is smooth. While conferences can seem monotonous and very straightforward, a subtle theme can be used to ensure everything is in order. Human beings tend to relate everything, and when they see a theme of how things are organised, it can add to the overall appeal and the professionalism of the entire event. For example, for a conference, you could use a ‘Hero’ theme and focus on showcasing the best performers from the company. Subtle nuances relating to heroism can also be included in the event.

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